We regret to inform you that X2Net Limited has ceased trading.

The following license name/key pairs can be used to activate existing products for which X2Net Limited held rights.

Product License Name License Key
WebCompiler V3.x WebCompiler 000015-8KJH5B-KDNHD5-8UNYGP-222VQZ-CTW0KJ-4MGHVH-BT96TE-GAZ3VP-JH9JKQ
WebCompiler V2.x WebCompiler 5139-332A-796C-13E1-38CC-EE40-F176-3E0A
X2Net Smart Address V5 SmartAddress 000MKE-N4B7GG-TZY5GE-QPBUUZ-2UXMEF-9PHHNE-Q5VQAX-WN6RXH-DZN7T9
Smart Address 2000 SmartAddress 26FB - 868D - D47C - 0B33 (Multi user code for 10 users is 31F6 - B6AC - 88A0 - ECA3)
X2Net SmartBoard SmartBoard 01C0HY-YEA8MH-BBKVW1-W7GEHX-UA8K4W-T5FWCK-EN5J4V-U5H72H-TW52R0-05Z6RM
X2Net Calendar Calendar 018E5F-38XVGA-H4PX2T-PE3T71-0JRF4X-BN5RAH-3UJ0BD-203MB1-04HVYK-H6E7QT
X2Net Contacts Contacts 0186KT-JRXB5R-5NPMEB-166CUU-VVF31E-EQGERU-GY0MYD-1FYVDG-HD3MUE-F43216

 If the product you want is not listed then X2Net Limited no longer had rights to issue the keys.

Final installation files are available here.

If you are having difficulty entering keys there are small utilities to force the keys in available here. Simply stop the program in question, run the keyforcer and put the keys in, then start the program again.